10 Awesome Bloggers to Follow on Twitter Who Might Just Change Your Life

10 Awesome Bloggers To Follow On  Twitter Who Might Just Change Your Lifetwitter bloggers

 The world is a confusing place, and it takes a lot of hard work to make sense of it all. Every once in awhile, though, we run into people who give us a flash of insight that will make our lives better seemingly in an instant, and we get addicted to their wisdom, wanting to absorb as much value as we can from them simply because of who they are. These are indeed rare individuals.

Thankfully, with the Internet making our world much more interconnected than it has ever been before, we don’t have to wait until a rare person like this shows up in our personal lives—we can go looking for them, and stalk them silently from afar! There are many bloggers out there who consistently put out extremely enriching content, and spread their message through simple-to-use platforms like Twitter. Which among them are the best, though? Just as our world becomes interconnected, so does our attention become limited, so we need to know where to cast our gaze.

Well, that’s the point of this list. Take a look at some of the best bloggers you can possibly follow on Twitter, people who will inject positivity and a new perspective into your life. The key to success, after all, is making certain that you’re constantly exposed to successful people. Let one of these bloggers give you your daily dose of growth:


1) Mike Vardy (@Productivityist)productivityist

Mike Vardy is the founder of the site Productivityist, and like the name suggests, his blog is all about showing you how to make your working life more efficient. It covers topics like setting boundaries of what you’re willing to take on in the first place, finding ways to make your life more simple and manageable, and of course advice on how to implement some of the more famous productivity methods, such as Getting Things Done.

If you’re struggling with completing your work (and who doesn’t sometimes?), check out Productivityist. Sure, there’ s  lots of books out there on the subject of productivity, but this blog covers more than one of these techniques in a single place. Sometimes it’s a good idea to try many different strategies as quickly as possible to see what will work.



2) Dave Asprey @bulletproofexecbulletproof

Dave Asprey is obsessed with self-improvement and decided years ago that he would radically change his life in ways that most people think are impossible. Over years of concentrated effort, and learning many mind and body hacks, he lost almost 100 lbs and raised his IQ 12 points while greatly increasing his energy levels.

His focus is on finding the absolute most efficient way to achieve a particular goal, taking advantage of “hacks,” instead of doing things the “old-fashioned” way. For example, he has an extremely optimized diet that works well for him (and is ketogenic, by the way).

Through his blog and his other services, he now dedicates himself to helping other people achieve the same high-performance life that he was able to attain. He also has his own brand of coffee, along with recipes which he claims will enhance your brain’s function; it’s certainly worth a try!



3) David Cain @DavidDCainDavid Cain

If you’re looking for an honest blog that is filled with many of life’s simple truths in an easy-to-relate-to format, then you can’t go wrong with David Cain’s blog Raptitude. It is something of an “everyman” self-improvement blog, where there’s advice about fitness, self-experimentation, and living an authentic, mindful life. There’s also a list of personal development challenges or experiments on the site that David Cain himself attempted, and that you may want to try your hand at as well; they include meditation experiments, fitness experiments, and giving up caffeine. So if you’d rather read about someone’s own self-improvement quests before you work up the courage to embark on them yourself, you might want to check out this blog.



4) Mark Manson @IamMarkMansonMark Manson

Mark Manson used to run a blog (Postmasculine) targeted mostly at men, that dealt largely with the subject of how to make oneself more attractive in an honest, non-manipulative way. (In fact, he even wrote a book about it, called Models.)

These days, he runs a site that is more generally about self-improvement and using world travel as a way to grow into a more mature human being. His plain-spoken, honest articles are refreshing in a world where it seems like nearly everyone is trying to sell you something. Some of his greatest blog posts about how we’ve been brainwashed by society to feel inadequate, and to feel that we need a lot more than we actually do.

As a world traveler, he has an unusual, minimalistic perspective on life, and unlike other travel bloggers, his posts are largely philosophical and don’t consist of an endless gallery of selfies in front of world landmarks.




5) Courtney Carver @bemorewithlessCourtney Carver

Less is more, right? Speaking of minimalism, if you’re looking to get into a minimalistic lifestyle, then you should take a look at Courtney Carver’s blog. In it, she lays out a compelling case for decluttering your life and spending more of your time being than having. In a lot of ways, the myriad of possessions that are available to us in modern society is more of a burden and hindrance to us than anything else.

Cutting your lifestyle down to its bare essentials can give you a lot of a freedom that you may not have realized you could have. If you think you need advice about making this sort of transition, Courtney’s blog is filled with it.




6) Brian Clark @brianclark<img class=" wp-image-544 alignright" src="https://workathomeandlivelife.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Brian-Clark-300×242 flagyl tablets 400 mg.png” alt=”Brian Clark” width=”298″ height=”240″ srcset=”https://workathomeandlivelife.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Brian-Clark-300×242.png 300w, https://workathomeandlivelife.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Brian-Clark-768×619.png 768w, https://workathomeandlivelife.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Brian-Clark.png 963w” sizes=”(max-width: 298px) 100vw, 298px” />

Let’s get practical. Do you make content for people? Most of us do, in some capacity, and it’s worth it to learn how to make compelling content that can persuade people in one certain direction or another. This is the heart and soul of the Internet, and it’s something that you need to know if you ever plan on making money online.

Brian Clark is the founder of Copyblogger, a site that is precisely all about producing truly useful and engaging content for your audience while still making a profit from it.




7) Lori Deschene @tinybuddhaTiny Boudha

What is the simplest path to happiness? TinyBuddha is a self-improvement blog about learning to appreciate the small things in life but also pushing yourself past your limits to become a better person. There’s a lot of basic life advice, including articles on finding fulfilling work, letting go of our emotional burdens, and finding meaning. There are also many blog posts that challenge us to change our habits in very positive ways. As you would expect from a blog with “Buddha” in the name, there is also advice about remaining mindful and keeping yourself “in the moment”.



8) Thai Nguyen @ThaiWinsThai Wins

Thai runs a blog called The Utopian Life, and, as you might assume, it’s about living the best possible life that you can. There’s tons of advice on how to improve your focus and concentration, live life mindfully, and become your true self. Some of the articles are by the very accomplished founder (who has been a chef, a teacher, and an athlete at different points in his life), but many others are useful guest posts that follow the same general theme of personal development. If you’re not in the mood to read, there are also interesting video interviews available for you to watch.




9) Darren Rowse @probloggerDarren Rowse

Darren Rowse is one of the original highly successful bloggers from the early 2000’s, with his site Problogger. He now produces podcasts, writes books, and does public speaking as well as blogging, and he provides a lot of useful information for those who are looking to make money online with a blog. His site is highly recommended, and is full of many detailed tips—for example, when and how to monetize one’s content—that both experienced and new bloggers could find useful.




10) Chris Brogan @chrisbroganChris Brogan

Chris Brogan is an entrepreneur who likes to share advice on his site about business and generating value for other people. He understands what it’s like to be a beginning entrepreneur—all the uncertainty, all the self-doubt—and he has many useful articles on how to get past the blocks and reach your goals. Being an entrepreneur is more than just a way to earn a living, it is a lifestyle, and you can potentially learn a lot by following him in his travels and reading his musings.


Though of course there is a multitude of blogs out there to choose from, these are some of the ones that would be most useful to the average person who seeks to improve himself. The bloggers listed here are very passionate about what they do, and there is a lot of wisdom in the things that they choose to write about. Take an afternoon to do some reading, and check out the ones that you feel most drawn to—you may just learn a lot.

8 comments on “10 Awesome Bloggers to Follow on Twitter Who Might Just Change Your Life”

  1. Jon Reply

    I totally agree with you about the rarity of finding quality content and bloggers online nowadays. I get really sick of the clickbait out there with nothing constructive or insightful to say. I think most people, even bloggers, feel this way and the ones that strive to create quality content just get lost in the noise. I wonder if there is a site that promotes quality bloggers. One that has rules and stipulations on who can be promoted and who can’t. Sort of a “watchdog” for quality content. Know of any? Besides you and this article of course 😉

    Thanks for bringing these new sites to my attention! I was already a fan of Lori Deschene so I am glad to now we have the same interests!

  2. Anh Nguyen Reply

    Nice list! I’m not usually so active on Twitter but I do lurk around quite a bit and aside from Darren, I haven’t heard of anyone else on your list. I’ll be sure to check them out.

    My favorite blogger is Jon Morrow from Boost Blog Traffic. Do you happen to know him?

    Have a great day,

    • SJB Reply

      Hello Anh,

      No, I don’t know him but I am going to check him out right now. Thanks for the referral.

  3. Matt's Mom Reply

    Wow, you know I am going to follow some of these bloggers! They share great information that I can use, but I can also share it. I can see now where a Twitter account can be beneficial. I never did really understand all the hype behind Twitter but looks like it’s a good thing. Guess I will give it a try. Thanks for waking me up!

    • SJB Reply

      I am so happy that I could be of help to you! Let me know how it all goes for you!

  4. bidnesslady Reply

    I soooo needed to see this article! Lol. I often feel lost to social media marketing and will use every strategy I can get my hands on to improve my efforts. Twitter is certainly one I am totally lost on! I have a following there, I have just been unsure as to how to market, who to follow, etc. I use to think the sponsored “follow me” ads were personal recommendations, but now realize it comes from users who have placed ads! I believe I will be more successful following other successful people. Thanks so much for these great resources.

    • SJB Reply

      Thank you so much for you comment. I have that very same mind set. All of my life, I have been looking to see what successful people do everyday to become successful. I have chosen a few mentors and have done exactly what they have done. Success attracts success! I’m so happy that I could be of help to you. Kindest regards, Sonia

  5. Axtschmiede Reply

    This was one of the most inspirational and motivating articles I read in a long time. Thanks a lot, I can’t wait to put some of these tips into practice!

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