10 Most Popular Writers on Fiverr

 10 Most Popular Writers On Fiverrmost popular writers on Fiverr

What makes writers on Fiverr so different from any other kind of freelance writer? At first glance, it seems that there’s nothing particularly unique about this breed: you pay them, and they deliver what you want.

However, there’s more to it than that. One of the greatest things about Fiverr is its modular, bite-sized approach to sourcing experts for your project, and this is what makes it so advantageous to hire writers on Fiverr over some of the other freelancing platforms.

You can order as little or as much as you’d like for a straight-forward price, and quality writers will be willing to work on your project no matter what its size. This also means that even if you are hesitant about working with a new writer, you can start small with your orders and test the freelancer’s mettle before you move on to bigger things. Just like the Fiverr platform itself, the writers can grow with you.

Of course, there is one minor complication: Too much choice! With any freelancing platform, there are going to be tons of prospective writers to hire. How do you choose between them?

Take a look at this list of the 10 most popular Fiverr writers for hire, and maybe it can help narrow your choice down a bit so that you can get started as soon as possible:



A level 2 seller (which means that this freelancer has successfully delivered hundreds of orders), you know that this person has experience and a good track record for getting her work done correctly and on time. Let’s see what her customers are saying about her:

“This is the BEST gig I’ve ever bought on Fiverr! Thank you Binny for a FABULOUS article and all the extras. I need these:) Excellent work delivered way before the deadline — You Rock!”

“Binny did a great job on the blog I requested from her. Great research and thoughtful text. I will be adding her to my outsourced staff.”

Sounds like people are excited about her work!


 Need someone to write your articles in British English? There’s a freelancer named “Nerd_articles” who can do just that!

“Very original articles that were well researched and written. Would definitely hire again.”

“Thanks for the creative articles. I love them!”


Need someone experienced who can focus on your site’s SEO by writing keyword-rich articles? You might do well to go with “Alamgirsbs”.

“Alamgirsbs delivered a great article on time, went above and beyond with content and I’m more than satisfied. Thank you.”

“Excellent writer, 100% recommended, I will keep hiring.”


Sometimes what we want is niche-specific content. Looking for someone who can write about finance and business? How about fitness or home improvement? Give “Bussines_Shine a try”.

“Well done ! I must say I’m very surprised about the quality and the rapidity of your work. I will order again fro sure. Thanks !”

“Outstanding experience. Quality work every time! You can’t go wrong with this Gig!”


 “FiringArrows” has over 700 successfully-delivered orders and knows how to write SEO articles and blog posts. Also, if you need to have your article “spun” with automation software (if you’re into that kind of thing), this seller will take care of it.

“Great job!!! A++++ will use again.”

“Just seen it, excellent thanks and thanks again for doing 1000 words this time 🙂 Best regards.”


 These sellers offer a variety of different kinds of content work: articles, ebook writing, recipe writing. Chances are, they’ll be able to handle whatever it is you’re looking for.

“Wow! So refreshing to see some original, and business specific articles! So carefully written and exactly what I need! Fantastic job!!”

“Excellent. Well thought out and APPRECIATE the effort with this! Will be gigging with you again 🙂 A++”


Need someone to write your blog posts for you? IrisWest has fulfilled hundreds of orders and is a Level 2 seller.

“I am so amazed at the brilliance of Iris, Her understanding of the topic exceeded all expectations. The speed of delivery is simply incredible.”

“Iriswest is a total PROFESSIONAL! Very articulate and concise; makes for an easy flow of understanding. Will definitely ORDER AGAIN!”

8-Mojibakefavourite writer on fiverr

 If you’re looking for someone who can both write original articles and rewrite any of your PLR material, take a look at Mojibake.

“Great Article. Exactly what I was looking for. Very fast and quality content. Will be ordering again.”

“I am very impressed. I had 5,000 words to rewrite and got them in 14 hours for no extra charge (I purchased normal gigs only). And they are premium quality. I got, even more, words than I originally delivered I really have to praise this seller. I am definitely ordering again very soon.”


 Want someone with professional journalistic experience? This seller has over 9 years of it, and he’s willing to share this expertise with you!

“More great work i have asked for so many orders now and there delivered on time every time and no issues, what so ever.”

“Super helpful and patient, did three reviews on a very tough article. Will be using again.”



A veteran web writer and blogger, you might want to give “CindyHardy’ a try if you need someone who is well-versed in online marketing.

“One of the few writers on this site that actually takes the time to give you quality work instead of just giving you the bare minimum. I’m a repeat buyer and I highly recommend.”

“Very happy with Cindys’ work, excellent communication, fast response, definitely will be working with her in the future.”

Contact them now.

There is a multitude of good writers to choose from on Fiverr, and while this diversity is, of course, a great thing, it can also be very overwhelming for first-time buyers. Hopefully, this list will help narrow things down to a more manageable level!

I know that some of you are wondering if  you should hire from Fiverr or Upwork? Get familiar with these two freelancing platforms by reading Upwork vs Fiverr: Features and Benefits of Both Platforms

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4 comments on “10 Most Popular Writers on Fiverr”

  1. Cathy Reply

    Hi there,

    Thanks for introducing these popular writers on Fiverr. I’ve been thinking of hiring one to keep up with my blogging routine.

    One question, what kind of rate do they charge? Can we request for a preview of their writings before ordering an article? How do we ensure that the article is not a duplicate?

    Thanks again.

    • SJB Reply

      They charge anything between 5$ and $20 depending on the word count. Yes, you can also ask them for examples of their work. Although, the comments from other clients give us a really good idea. As for the duplicate, you need to pass it through a plagiarism test. It’s never happened to me though.

  2. Lee Reply

    Thanks for this list, it’s just what I needed!

    I’ve been wanting to hire a writer on fiverr for a while now, but my head was spinning with the choice.

    This has certainly helped me narrow things down and given me somewhere to start.

    I do have a question though if you don’t mind?

    I though good quality, professional writers charge $30 upwards for a short article, if people on Fiverr are good at what they do, how can they charge so little for their services?

    Just something that’s been bugging me. Thanks in advance.

    • SJB Reply

      That’s a good question that I was asking myself as well. Although I realize that it’s not easy to find work as a writer, especially when you don’t have a “reputation”. This is their way of starting in the writing business. They offer their services on Fiverr to gain a reputation, then they go out on their own. Thank you for reading me. Am happy that I could help.

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