10 Reasons Why Mom’s Make More Money Working From Home

10 Reasons Why Mom’s Make More Money Working From Home


moms make more money

It’s a phenomenon of the digital age, but more and more moms are ridding themselves of their regular jobs and finding ways to both spend more time with their children and make more money at the same time. How could this be? Well, it gives the term “stay at home mom” a whole new meaning: Many women can make more money by simply working independently from home. Now, there are a lot of “work from home” scams out there, and this article certainly isn’t about joining one! Rather, we’re going to look at the benefits of injecting yourself with the entrepreneurial spirit and reaping rewards that no boring old “regular job” could provide. So here are 10 reasons that moms will often make more money if they simply work from home.


1) More flexible schedule.

Usually, if you have your own home business, you have at least somewhat of a hand in deciding your own hours. With control over your time, you can pick blocks in the day when you know you’ll be able to concentrate. Nothing kills productivity (and by extension, income) like worrying about all the other aspects of your life. If you have a flexible schedule, though, you can take care of things when you need to take care of them and work when you need to work.

2) Passive income.

With a normal job working for someone else, all (or most) of your income is going to be the “active” kind, meaning you don’t get paid unless you’re actively working; in effect, you’re trading your time for money. The problem with this is that you only have so many hours in the day, so if you want to raise your income, you are somewhat limited there. Passive income on the other hand—income that is not directly tied to how many hours you work—is much easier to scale up over time; in fact, it could lead to a point where you only have to work a few hours a week to provide for yourself.

3) You can exploit your talents.

If you work for someone else, your best talents may be underdeveloped because your growth is often limited and tied to the specific tasks that you have to do on the job. Maybe you like to write fiction, but all your boss wants you to do is write reports all day. When you work for yourself from home, you have the opportunity to hone in on your specialized talents like never before. If you can find a lucrative niche that will appreciate those talents, you have a business!

4) You can involve your kids.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean using them for cheap child labor (and it doesn’t mean not doing that, either), but not having to necessarily pay for childcare since you’ll be working from home, and also being able to teach your children valuable skills about business is a two-for-one deal that can save you a lot of money.

5) You save on commuting.

Commuting isn’t just about the fuel; the most valuable resource that you waste while sitting in traffic is your time. This is the time that you could have spent making money!

6) You can’t get fired.

Two words that can make you lose all your income all at once: “You’re fired.” Why give one person so much power? If you work for yourself, your customers are your “boss,” and even if you lose one or two of them, it’s not the end of the world. Having just one person to please is much riskier.

7) Multiple streams of income.

Following along from #6, if you have many customers—or even better, many different methods for making money with your business—then what you have is multiple streams of income. These many different streams are much more secure than simply having one, because, again, if you lose one, you can always fall back on the others. A normal job simply doesn’t provide for this.

8) Your home is your office.

Where are you most comfortable and productive? Ditch the stuffy office and you can relax and get some quality work done at home. Working from home is also cheaper when you own your own business because you don’t have to rent out an office.

9) You can vacation whenever.

One of the main things that will make you most productive is ironically how well you spend your time off. If you need a vacation to “sharpen the saw,” so to speak, and you work for yourself from home, you can simply take a holiday usually, or at least arrange to take one when you would like to in the future. This keeps you in optimum health and allows you to stay motivated, which will make you more money.

10) You control your destiny.

When you don’t work for yourself, you’re really actually putting the future of your finances in someone else’s hands. Do you trust those hands? Trust placed in the wrong person or company can ruin you financially; at the very least, if you work for yourself, you have control over the direction of your business, and you can make decisions that are optimum for your situation. Basically, you don’t have to worry about the opinion of someone who may not necessarily be putting your interests first.

Making money from home with your own business doesn’t need to be complicated. Yes, it has a learning curve, but as you can see, it’s more than worth the time you might have to put in upfront. Take a moment to research your options and find some business ideas that might work for you!

Mom's make more money

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