1000 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Wealthy Affiliate

1000 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Wealthy Affiliatewhy join wealthy affiliate

Ok, perhaps I exaggerated with the “1000 reasons” but it’s only because I think that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to be if you want to start your own online home business. It has truly changed my life and I can’t emphasize enough how amazing this company truly is.

I wish that I could tell the world my entire experience with it so that anyone who is thinking of starting their business can be a part of it. That’s an entirely different article, though…which I will write very shortly.


Is it legit? 1000%, without a doubt. You can read testimonials over here if you wish.

If you have been searching everywhere to find someone that can help you build your online business, I recommend that you keep reading and stop searching because I am going to tell you the truth about this website. I am actually very excited about this because for once, I have come across something honest, real, legitimate and lucrative! YES! You read correctly! LUCRATIVE.

wealthy affiliate site It reminds me a lot of Facebook but with people and tutorials that teach you how to build your website. I posted a screenshot of what it looks like on the inside. I still can’t believe how amazing it is.

I have to stop saying that because you may think that I’m trying to sell it to you. I’m not because it’s 100%. Anyways, where was I? Oh yah…

You can ”like” people’s posts and comments. Follow friends. Live chat. Look up questions and find all of the answers. Brag about your success. EVERYTHING IS POSITIVE THERE. Everyone has the same goal…to build a successful online business.

work hardIf you read about me, you know by now that I have been working really really hard my entire life! I mean, that’s what we are supposed to do to be successful right? Right! I always say, ”WORK HARD, PLAY HARD”. Well, this website is my ticket to playing hard.

Right from the moment I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I felt welcome, encouraged and automatically felt like I was with a group of people who have the same dreams and hopes as I do.

How did I find this website?

Well, I have to tell you that I wasn’t even looking for it. I was actually looking into stocks, instant trading and binary options.

I had already joined up with 2 companies. Invested $250 on both websites that I really didn’t have and lost it all in a period of 2 days. At this moment, you are probably thinking, ”WOW! How can she be so stupid?” Or, perhaps you are thinking, ”Did she even do some research on those companies and if so, did she learn how to trade?”

The answer to both of those questions is ”YES”. I really did. That’s the kind of person that I am. I learn before I get into anything. The problem with this is that on the web, they make it seem all so easy. Also, there are a lot, I mean A LOT of people on the web that are working for binary options companies and are willing to say and do anything to make some money.

I don’t have to tell you that I feel naive for having invested $500 that I didn’t have into these 2 companies. I will not name them but please be aware that they are all the same. They promise support and 24 hour customer service and none of that happens. All they want is money. In reality, that is what we want too right? Well, for me, it’s money and health!

With that being said, that’s how I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

Even if I say that it’s amazing and that they truly deliver what they promise and that the members are all so supportive and work as a team and that the owners are very much implicated and devoted to everyone’s success, you may not believe me.

Why should you believe me?

join for freeThis is the part where I tell you that to become a member of WA, there is no investment at all. Actually, I already told you above but I have to say it again. You can join for free.

The only time that you will be asked to pay for something is for the Premium program. With that program, you have access to unlimited websites and other benefits that will enable you to better grow your business. I am a premium member and I love it.

The first month is $19 and you don’t even have to sign up with a contract. You can put an end to it after you have tried it. I have never seen that anywhere before.

I know that there is a quote that says, ”if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is”.

There is always an exception to the rule and WA is just that! AN EXCEPTION TO THE RULE!

SEOThe website is built in the most amazing way. If you follow the steps, you can’t fail. You just can’t. They teach you how to build a website from A to Z in such detail. They teach you everything you need to know about SEO and how to market your website. They tell you about affiliate programs and how to make money from them. They really teach you how to build an online successful business. I couldn’t believe it either. The most amazing thing about WA is that you can try it FOR FREE. You can actually build 2 websites for FREE. Where else can you find that? I have the most respect for the owners and am so happy to be a part of their success. Thanks to them, I am a success too.

Training and Toolsprofitable niche

WA, for FREE, will offer:

-2 free websites


-Keyword tools

-How to find the best keywords

-How to get rankings

-How to find a niche for yourself

-Unlimited support

-Amazing community of WA members who are willing to help out 100% of the time.

free website

and…so much more. You have nothing to lose by checking it out yourself. You will see for yourself. WA speaks really for itself. I give it a 9/10 just because nothing is perfect. I am sure that there is something that they need to work on. I just haven’t figured out what that is yet!

Please feel free to add your comments or to ask me any questions. I promise I will answer! Or, you can also send me an email at sonia@workathomeandlivelife.com.


OR…you can visit my personal profile on WA! HERE I AM!


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