3 Great Ways To Make Money As A Content Writer

3 Great Ways to Make Money as a Content Writer

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Are you an aspiring writer? That?s great! The truth is that there is no better time to be a writer than now; the Internet relies on content more than anything else, and even in the age of video, written content still dominates the search engines. People want information about anything and everything, so there?s tons of opportunity to put your two cents into the equation?and make a few cents for it as well.

Now, if you?ve only just started in this business, you may be confused about where to go to find your first clients. As much as there?s opportunity, there is also competition, so you will need a strategy that attempts to pull from many different sources. You never want to get ?married?to only one stream of income, no matter what your line of work is, so here are 3 great ways to find your first clients and make money as a content writer:

1) Fiverr and Other Freelancing SitesFiverr deal

The first and most obvious way to find customers is to simply go to them! Potential clients congregate at inexpensive freelance sites such a Fiverr, where they hope to get a job done for a good deal.

This is where you come in. Some freelance sites are more complex than others, but simple ones like Fiverr only require a few minutes for you to set up a profile and offer your services. You can offer to write just about any kind of content: articles, sales copy, even fiction. On Fiverr, you can usually expect your first order as a content writer within a few days, as long as your prices are reasonable enough. From there, you can build a reputation and grow a list of repeat customers. You will find soon enough that repeat buyers are the lifeblood of your business, so treat them well.

One of the major problems that you will encounter eventually with sites like Fiverr, though, is that they are inherently limited. Since you do not own the platform, you don?t have a lot of control over the way your profile looks, and you don?t have many promotional tools at your disposal.

Worse still, they take a huge cut of your pay. Fiverr, for instance, takes 20% of the revenue of every order. This may not sound like much when your orders are the minimum $5, but once you start getting larger orders from repeat clients, that ?tax?adds up quickly. For instance, if your customer orders $500 worth of articles, Fiverr will help themselves to $100 of that.

2) Guest BloggingGuest Blogging

Another approach you could take is to offer your services as a guest blogger. Successful bloggers may not always have the time to keep up with their sites on a daily basis, so you can really be an asset to them by offering to take over a portion of the workload. Many sites are on the lookout for quality writers that can produce work consistently. Offer your services to bloggers that you admire?maybe even for free at first?and they just might hire you for regular work if they like your content.

In fact, I am one of these bloggers! I am always looking for great guest writers that can contribute to my sites, so if you think that you have what it takes, don?t hesitate to get into contact with me. All you have to do is send me a great sample of your writing, and I might hire you to write my next article.

One caveat, though: Be aware of those who just want free content and don?t plan on ever giving you anything in return. If you want to be a professional, keep the standards for yourself high, and don?t allow yourself to constantly work for free with only the promise of future paid work as motivation. ?Exposure?doesn?t pay the bills and neither do empty promises. Ideally, you should always get something for your work, even if it?s just a backlink to your site.

And speaking of your site, you should totally have one, for reasons that we?ll discuss below.

3) Offering Your Services on Your Own Websitebest website service

Building and running a successful website that gets decent traffic can be a tall order if you?ve never done it before, but the rewards can certainly be worth it. If you have high-quality services to offer, consider putting together a website to attract clients.

There are tons of benefits to having your own website:

* You won?t have to pay the ridiculous fees that some freelance platforms charge, so you keep a lot more of your money.

* You have a lot more control over how you present your business.

* You can interface directly with your clients through e-mail, without the freelancing site acting as a middle man.

* Since it?s your own site, you don?t have to compete against other listings on the same page.

* You can market your website however you want.

* You will be putting your efforts towards building your own online property, instead of someone else?s.

If you don?t know how to build a website yet, there are lots of great reasons to learn! You can also greatly simplify this process by joining a community like Wealthy Affiliate, which walks you through the steps in a series of very simple, tutorial-style lessons.

If you?re having trouble finding clients at first using a personal website, you can always try more than one method. For example, you can meet your customers on Fiverr and then eventually strike deals outside of the platform. (Just be discreet about it, as Fiverr doesn?t like this and may even suspend your account if they realize what you?re up to.)

Being a content writer these days is easier than ever, and any of the methods highlighted above are a great way to start. Naturally, I highly suggest starting your own website and selling your services from there because I have seen so much success with that myself. If you have any questions about building your own website or guest posting for mine, feel free to talk to me!

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