3 Most Surprising Reasons Why You Should Stop Looking For A Full Time Job

3 Most Surprising Reasons Why You Should Stop Looking For a Full-Time Job


Full-Time Job


For many people, their ideal is a high-paying, full-time job. It’s often what our parents urge us to seek right after we graduate college, and it is certainly what society in general seems to push us to do. It’s part of “the plan” for most people. Why shouldn’t you look for a full-time job if that’s obviously what nearly everyone agrees is the best choice?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with a job; it’s just that having a job stinks. Think about it: 30 or more years of showing up to the same place every day, doing the same thing, feeling lucky if your income goes up by single-digit percentage points the whole time that you’re there. In fact, you might feel lucky just to not get fired; your whole income and sometimes even your sense of self-worth as a worker rests on the opinions of just a few people who work above you. What is it all for, anyway? A few tens of thousands of dollars per year, if you’re average? Does that sound like something you would like to trade decades of your life for?

I’m not telling you anything new. Most people already know all of this. They already know that having a job is a raw deal in a lot of ways. The thing is that they just accept it. They default to the sort of mentality that “this is just how life is.” So instead of trying to figure out a way to leave their boring corporate life behind, they spend all their energy trying to figure out how to mentally deal with it.

Am I trying to be pessimistic? No, I’m just trying to show you the truth as I see it. There’s nothing wrong with having a job, but we can’t simply ignore that there are a few fundamentally unfair and inefficient things about working for someone else:

The Lack of ControlIn our out

People talk about how a job is more secure than having your own business. With a job, your full-time income is in someone else’s hands. Does that sound secure to you? You could get laid off or fired and there’s not much you can do about it. Even in territories where there are government controls against your getting suddenly fired, that sense of security is an illusion because the company you work for could just as easily go out of business and be unable to provide you with a job.

This brings me to my next point: You have no control over the direction of the company you work for. If you see your superiors making stupid decisions that could run the business into the ground, you can discuss matters with them if you are an employee of sufficient rank, but otherwise what can you really do? You might think that your company is being run by incompetent people or that it is even being run unethically, and you just have to cross your fingers and pray that the ship won’t sink.

The Lack of Personal Growth

Since we already know that having a job is not particularly secure, and you are merely temporarily shielding yourself from the ups and downs of a market when you have one, let’s take a look at the other big reason people get jobs instead of making their own: With a job, you don’t have to make any of the major decisions. You don’t have to think as much.

This may help you relax temporarily, but the truth is that you pay a huge price to give someone else this much authority over your personal growthlife. People who work for themselves, by contrast, have to grow on a personal level and overcome challenges and fears. This means that many of the problems that lifetime employees struggle with year after year, decade after decade—like money problems and work-life balance—entrepreneurs are forced to overcome, or their business simply won’t be effective. By defaulting to an employee’s life, you rob yourself of these opportunities for growth.

The Lack of Vast Income Potential

Some jobs are indeed very high-paying and have a potential for quick upward momentum, but the wide majority of people will never have these sorts of jobs. For most of us, if we want our income to be able to double, triple, or quadruple over the years and decades, we need to run our own businesses. Sticking to a “normal” job will just lead to “normal” results and an average income.

Not every business will be a success, that is true—but that’s because getting good at running a business takes a lot of practice. It is much better to start now and hit the learning curve hard than to put off starting your first business and look back with regret years later. The earlier you start, the better.

Now, how do you even get started? That’s often a source of confusion for people who are only just considering starting their business for the first time. You can try lots of different methods to make money online; a lot of the advice you will read is junk and a lot of it will actually work very well. Part of the “practice” that you will have to go through is trying different things and figuring out the difference between a good idea and a bad idea.

Reducing the Learning Curve With Wealthy Affiliatelearning curve

Another thing you can do to greatly reduce the learning curve is to join a community of like-minded individuals that can give you tons of practical, tested advice. Awhile ago, I happened upon a community just like this called Wealthy Affiliate, and decided to give it a try because it was free. I’m certainly glad I did because, without exaggeration, it changed the whole direction of my business. It taught me so much about myself and what I’m actually capable of, and it showed me what success is really like.

Wealthy Affiliate has a few key features that make it great, such as:

– Their extensive online courses.

They have tons upon tons of information available for you. Going through all of this and learning everything that there is to learn could be a full-time job in and of itself, to be honest. Still, it’s way better than having to do the trial and error yourself that could lead to loss of time and money. Wealthy Affiliate gives you a boost, and for that I am truly grateful to them. I’ve learned so much.

– Their Bootcamp classes are addictive.

Not only do they have tons of information, they arrange it in such a way that it’s actually enjoyable to learn and understand. It’s almost like playing a game, except that you’ll feel truly enlightened at the end of each class.

– The fact that you can use these skills for anything.

Yes, the point is to teach you how to make your own successful website and online business, but you can actually pivot these skills into other areas, too. With what you learn as a foundation, you can hone these skills and become an online marketing expert, a person who designs websites for others, a person who does consulting and helps people with their businesses, or many other fulfilling occupations.

In other words, Wealthy Affiliate helps to turn your dream of building an online business into an actual, viable full-time job for you. If you’re concerned that having your own business won’t pay the bills or fill up your time the way having a job would, then perhaps you are just not thinking big enough. Making your living online can become your main, full-time gig—it just takes some learning and planning. Wealthy Affiliate can help you with both. It’s living proof that if you put your heart and soul into what you desire, amazing things can happen.

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