5 Best Remote Jobs For 2020

best jobs for 2020

Flexibility is one of the core values for millions of people. In this global world, the best way to stand by it is to work remotely choosing opportunities without location and time zone limits. Good internet connection, a laptop or sometimes even a smartphone is enough to start. So, let’s consider the best remote opportunities for 2020.

  • Copywriter & Copyeditor

Today, businesses are constantly looking to create great content for their websites. As a copywriter, you would be responsible for creating adaptive texts for different audiences on social media and websites, advertising slogans and product descriptions. The best thing about it all is that, at the beginning,  you don’t need any special education or knowledge. All you would need is  a sharp sense of humor, actristic style and good research skills. With each new task, your understanding of how sales texts actually work will become better, you will then  discover your own tips and tricks. The only thing that could prevent you from getting this type of work is the absence of a good portfolio. In this case, it’s probably better that you  start by offering to  write free guest posts for bloggers. This would give you the opportunity  to slowly start  creating your portfolio. Then, when you have reached  a minimum 5 posts and have enough information to build  your portfolio, you could then begin searching for copywriter positions (https://jooble.org/jobs-copywriter). In order to gain sustainable livelihoods,  look for long-term projects.  For example: start searching for a copywriter position in for an an  online shop. This will surely help you to master your skills  and then, you can start making a steady income.

The copyeditor’s responsibility is to  work on  texts after copywriters have created content and their main task is to make sure that the texts follow the  brand standards. Often, they make corrections as to the structure and  rewrite sentences so that the entire article makes more sense and is therefor, much more appealing to the reader. If you are creative and know how to write a little bit, this could be a great opportunity for you to start working from home. Of course, at first, things could be a little slow, but with time, jobs will come pouring in as your portfolio gets bigger.

  • Translator & Proofreader

Businesses go global and websites do too. In order for this to happen, they must be translated. If you do not speak more than one language, then obiously, translation isn’t for you. However, if you speak English and your mother tongue is something else, then your in business. So many people only speak one language. So if you are bilingual, use this gift and start making money with it.  You can search online for freelance translating jobs.  There exists sites that specialize in posting opportunities like these.

A proofreader is a real language geek. This professional has to know language specifics and make the texts spotless in terms of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. One of their main responsibilities is to also to ensure that it is written like a  spoken language and does not contradict the culture and values ​​of the country in the language of which it was written.

All professionals mentioned above deal with words in various forms and are in high demand in today’s content-driven business world.

  • Voice-over specialist

If you do not mind speaking into a microphone, you should check out voice-over specialist jobs. The main responsibility of a voice-over artist is to, in most cases, read a script and speak. Such professionals are in high demand right now and this demand is going to grow in 2020 as audio technologies are boosting at the moment.  Voice-over specialists are required almost everywhere from media to audiobooks creations. If you feel confident with your voice, this is something you definitely have to try in 2020.

Blog manager
  • Blog Manager

In this totally amazing role ( if you are into blogging)  you will spearhead a blog strategy execution, coordinate partnership with contributors, find, contact and build relationships with potential advertising partners, track and analyze the performance of marketing campaigns, etc.

Example: A YouTube Channel Manager is a very specific niche in this profession. Basically, a manager puts the video on YouTube, coordinates with designers, comes up with descriptions and titles, puts all the hashtags in, and control if the sponsored video includes all the links, etc.

To succeed as a blog manager you have to be attentive to details and respect deadlines.

Virtual recruiter
  • Virtual recruiter

If you are passionate about meeting new people, a virtual recruiter job may be a good fit for you. This persone is responsiblefor creating job descriptions with employer’s requirements. They then have to  put it on related websites, find test or trial tasks, etc. Generally, they  have to come up with the whole structure, schedule interviews, and choose the best candidates that are best fit for the job. Again, there are a lot of job openings for virtual recruiters and luckily, it is something you can start without any special degree. Most employers refuse to keep a huge team of recruiters in order to save on employee costs and therefor avoid hiring entry-level staff and prefer to outsource this function. The demand  is most probably going to grow.

New opportunities to work remotely appear every day. So, if you are thinking of working from home, 2020 looks like a perfect time to start doing so. If you are a professional in any sphere, check out remote opportunities in your industry and you will be surprised to see how many options you have.  Our world constantly changing  and something that you probably though impossible in the past could be pretty achievable today.  A remote job may completely change your life and bring you more freedom and flexibility. You could also start by building your own blog or online business. Affiliate marketing could be very lucrative if it’s done right. Have a great 2020!

14 comments on “5 Best Remote Jobs For 2020”

  1. Kevin Reply

    Hi there,

    Thank you for publishing this article on way to make a little extra money on the side, from the comfort of your own home. I am currently creating my own company from scratch through building a website and everything around it. You gave me some inspiration, though! People aways claim that I’m good at doing voices and multiple languages, so doing something as a voice-over specialist sounds interesting, so I might give it a go. Do you have any idea where I might find such a job?


  2. Tyson Reply

    Hi Sonia, I just read your article and I have a question or two if you don’t mind.

    I’ve written blogs before but I always felt like my writing wasn’t very attention grabbing. Would learning more about copywriting help me out here? If so where can I learn to improve this skill?

    Also, is sales copywriting a whole different thing?

    Sorry for all the questions, you just seem to know more about this than I do and I would like to learn more if possible. Thanks for the great piece 🙂

    • SJB Reply

      Hello Tyson,

      I’m pretty sure that your articles are awesome! However, if you feel that you need to improve, the best way to do so is practice. Keep writing. Write as much as you can. I have learned over the years that the best way to write is to do so as we speak. Readers like to connect with the writer and a great way to connect is to ”speak” the same language. As far as copywriting is concerned, it’s the same in all niches. 

      Thank you for stopping by. I hope I helped you out a bit. 🙂

      Best wishes!

  3. trevorp Reply

    Hello there I just checked out your post and I really appreciate the effort that you have put into the blog and the overall site for people that want to start a successful business on the internet. Keep up the good work and I will be checking back on new posts from time to time  

  4. Carol Reply

    All this presumable opportunities for the new year are quite commendable, all it just require is a skill in these fields then you are good to go.
    I personally, am interested in the blog manager, because I will be able to coordinate, control and market my blog conveniently and convincingly.
    Blogging has been my main interest in the internet world for a good number of years now so in the coming year I hope to work on that.

    • SJB Reply

      Hello Carol, 

      It sounds like your blog is doing well. Most importantly, it sounds like you really love your niche. 

      Thanks for stopping by. Happy holidays to you.

  5. MrBiizy Reply

    Hello there, thank you for sharing this post on the best remote jobs for 2020. These jobs are really cool and can be done from any part of the world and the best of all is that they’re profitable. I really love the voice over specialist one. But currently, I want to focus fully on Affiliate Marketing.

    All the best!

  6. MAX Reply

    These probable open doors for the new year are very honorable, all it simply requires is expertise in these fields then you are a great idea to go.

    I for one, am keen on the blog supervisor since I will have the option to organize, control and market my blog helpfully and convincingly.

    Blogging has been my fundamental enthusiasm for the web world for a decent number of years now so in the coming year I plan to chip away at that.

    • SJB Reply

      Thank you for stopping by! I wish you the best of luck with everything that you take on! Hard work pays off.

  7. Emmy Reply

    I’ve been on affiliate marketing, done graphics on Fiverr and I can tell you remote jobs are the best. You work with your own pace doing what you love best. Thanks for sharing this, I have gained other things here and I’ll like to try them out.
    Emmy recently posted…Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaner for Vinyl Floors & LVPMy Profile

    • SJB Reply

      Hello Emmy,
      Thank you for stopping by. I am happy that you agree with me. I love working from home! Come back any time.

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