Affiliate Marketing 101-The Best Online Mini Course For Beginners

 Ibrahim Dahy

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Learning affiliate marketing is a good decision to make if you are looking to earn money online.

Affiliate marketing is the best online business model for those who don’t have enough experience or the ability to create their own products.

You will be simply promoting products of other companies and your main goal will be to generate as much sales to them as possible.

This helps you direct your skills and attention to marketing without needing to do customer support.

Once your affiliate link gets clicked, people will get redirected from your affiliate website to the product’s sales page.

And from there they will be able to make the purchase which instantly grants you an affiliate commission.

This affiliate commission is set by the product owner, and it will be your objective to find great products to promote that also offer you generous affiliate commissions.

In this affiliate marketing course I want to teach you the exact steps that help you get your first affiliate marketing business started.

How to Create and Launch Your Affiliate Website

It is imperative to create your own affiliate website and preferably a blog based one.

You might have read somewhere that you can create an affiliate marketing business without owning a website.

This is certainly possible because all you really need to make an affiliate sale is to make someone click on your affiliate link.

Using this no-website technique you can promote your affiliate link on social media website or even add it to your YouTube videos.

This technique is however something I strongly advise against especially for beginner affiliate marketers.

That’s because such technique requires you to have a good understanding of both affiliate marketing and the platforms on which you promote your affiliate links.

However, creating your affiliate website as a blog can help you progress and can improve your affiliate marketing skills as well.

You will be learning new things every day about many aspects of affiliate marketing and about how users behave on your affiliate website.

You can constantly make changes to your affiliate website until you finally manage to make your first affiliate sale.

The traffic and sales potential is also higher when you create an affiliate blog.

You will be able to use traffic sources like SEO and selling techniques like email marketing.

The cost of launching an affiliate website is not much, around $60 a year:

  • A niche relevant domain name ($10 for one year)
  • Web hosting account to add your content and product reviews on ($50 for one year, sometimes a bit more)
  • WordPress Blog (free and easy to install)

Finding a Niche That Brings You Lots of Affiliate Sales

Before you create your affiliate website you need to decide which niche you should target.

Keep in mind that your niche will affect everything you do on your affiliate website, from what kind of topics you will write about to which product you will be promoting.

Everything needs to be relevant on your affiliate website, that’s because you want anyone who visits it to find it relevant to them.

To find niche ideas you can do a Google search for any of these keywords:

  • How to increase + a,b,c…etc
  • How to get rid of + a,b,c…etc
  • Buy + a,b,c…etc

These keywords can generate you tons of niche ideas:

Alphabet soup

After you select your niche you need to make sure it is a money niche.

Money niches are the ones that include many paid solutions (i.e. products).

Again use Google but this time search for your niche keyword:

niche keywords

If your niche keyword returned many products, then it means that the niche is profitable and you can make money from it.

The final step is to segment your niche further to create a list of micro niches.

Your main objective with niche segmentation should be to find writing ideas for your affiliate blog.

Content is the king in the online world, and adding multiple quality and problem solving articles on your affiliate website will benefit you in great ways.

You should think about your affiliate website as a problem solver for the niche; people love these kinds of websites and they tend to visit them more than once.

This creates a high number of returning visitors, which is an indication of a trust being developed between you and your blog readers.

You will then leverage this trust and use it to sell your affiliate products.

To segment your niche using Google, enter your main niche keyword followed by any alphabet letter:

alphabet letter

Finding Quality Affiliate Products That Convert Into Sales

It is time now to decide which products you will endorse on your affiliate blog.

Finding affiliate products is easy, you can search Google for “NicheKeyword”:

niche keywords

Google will show you various affiliate programs for products in your niche.

Visit each affiliate program page to know how much affiliate commission you will be earning, and how to create your affiliate link.

It is important to know that each affiliate product you will promote will directly affect your own reputation and consequently your future sales performance.

You need to make sure you are recommending products of high quality; products that will really help your blog readers solve their niche problems.

But how can you really tell if the product is of high quality and have a good sales record?

This is done using proper product research.

Using Google, search for “ProductName in url:forum”:

product name

What you are doing here is searching online communities and forums for anyone talking about your affiliate product.

You can then visit these discussions and read what customers are talking about.

If you see many positive feedbacks for the product, then it is a good sign that it is of high quality, and you can safely endorse it on your affiliate website.

Another research you can do is finding the affiliate competition for your affiliate product.

Affiliate competition is a sign of a quality product, because if so many affiliates are promoting it then it must have a good sales track record.

Open and search for “ProductName review”:

product review

This will return a list of affiliate marketers who are promoting your affiliate product.

The more product reviews you see mean there many affiliates currently promoting it.

My Conclusion

Understanding and learning everything about affiliate marketing can take time, giving the depth of affiliate marketing.

However this should stop you from getting started and creating your affiliate website; you can always learn as you go.

You can also join an affiliate marketing course ( is offering one) to accelerate the learning process and even to learn new techniques.

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  1. Elliot Reply

    Hey SJB and Ibrahim,

    Great article. Very summarised intro for beginners, so nice to see an article that is not rammed full of spammy CLICK HERE! links 🙂

    I’m on the lookout for another course to do to get through this lockdown with Cornonavirus, I hope you are staying safe!

    Keep up the good work.


    • SJB Reply

      Hello Elliot! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read me. This is most definitely the time to work hard on creating new courses that will help others get through these hard times that we are all going through! Best wishes to you!

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