Canva: The Best Thing In Graphic Design Since Sliced Bread

 Canva: The Best Thing In Graphic Design Since Sliced Bread


Since the first day that I have been writing and blogging, I have been struggling with visuals. It has been a really big challenge for me to add unique design and infographics to my articles because I am simply not a graphic designer.

Well, after months of research,through another blogger, have come across an amazing tool for graphics and visuals. Words can’t describe how happy I am to have found this site. It has totally changed everything for me. So, whit that being said:

Do you need to make attractive graphics for your site, but don’t have the skills or the patience? Do you need to make a killer ebook cover in order to sell your latest tome, but you can barely work your way around MS Paint, let alone use any complicated graphics design programs to make some decent art?

It used to be that in cases like these, your best alternative to simply winging it and making painfully amateur graphics was to hire an expert, which could often cost you hundreds of dollars if not more. (Unless you use some of the more competitive freelancing platforms, like Fiverr.) This can be terribly inefficient and expensive, especially if you are only just starting out and don’t have a lot of capital to invest in your projects yet.

Now, what if instead of using human labor to put your graphics together, you could leverage technology, and use it to make the whole situation a lot more streamlined? This is where Canva comes in: It’s a graphic design platform that takes the complexity and guesswork out of the process. What’s more, you can put together some stunning imagery with little more than the click of a mouse.

How does Canva really work, though? Well, there are a few different features that you can use, depending on your needs, but generally, when you’re ready to design something new, you follow these steps:

1) Pick your media.Magazine cover

Do you need to make a magazine cover? A flyer? A brochure? How about a book cover? Simply click to “create a design,” and choose what kind of work you’re interested in making. You can even make infographics using their simple tools.

2) Start dragging and dropping.

Choose your backgrounds, choose what elements and images you want in your graphic, and choose what style and design you would like. There are many preloaded images that you can pick from, but you can also upload your own. After the visual side of things is settled, you can start adding text as well.

3) Save your work and download it.

And…that’s it. Honestly, it is that dirt simple, and yet the results that come from Canva are nothing short of miraculous. It really can produce professional-level material, and it’s particularly helpful for beginners. Just because you don’t have the funds to hire your own graphic designer, doesn’t mean that the graphics on your site or book cover need to look cheap.

Book cover exampleSpeaking of book covers, this is really where Canva shines the most, honestly. There are many fledgling authors floating around the Internet today, and with the ebook rush and multitudes of tablet owners entering the picture, it’s really no wonder that it has become such a profitable field to get into.

However, no beginning author can hope to sell a book without a decent book cover, especially if his name is still rather unknown. Even with the cost of self-publishing dropping, hiring a graphic designer for the book cover is often one of the most expensive aspects of getting started; many new authors either end up coming out of pocket way too much for a cover or they end up trying to make the cover themselves (and an ugly cover can negatively affect sales, needless to say). Canva is a great alternative to both of these options, and they even have a dedicated ebook cover maker specifically for this.

Do you see the book cover on the right? Well, believe it or not, I made it! It literally took me 5 minutes and it was 100% free! There are many models to choose from and you can add whatever information, color and design you desire.

Yes, there are some paid ebook cover makers available out there that make the process easier than firing up Photoshop, but seriously, they are obsolete in the face of Canva because not only is Canva probably the most simple graphic design app in existence, it is also free. That’s right, all of what I just described can be had for free. Canva uses something of a “freemium” model, where most functionality can be had at no cost, but extra premium images can be purchased conveniently from within their interface (though they also have free stock images available).

Guess what? These premium images are no more than $1 each! Yes, your read right!

If you have yet to try Canva, I highly recommend it when you find yourself needing graphics for your next project. It can save you both time and money, and it is worlds ahead of any of the other alternatives.

13 comments on “Canva: The Best Thing In Graphic Design Since Sliced Bread”

  1. Angela Moore Reply

    Wow, This is GREAT NEWS! Thanks. I am glad I came across this site. Not having images, royalty free, was one of my issues for my website.

    • SJB Reply

      Hello Angela,
      When I first started, that was my problem too. Images can get expensive. I found another site that offers free images. I will be posting about it soon.
      Thanks for stopping by. See you again soon! 🙂

  2. dinislam55 Reply

    Hello Sonia,
    I was starting my career like this, just using some ready templete and modify it and use canva but after day by day i complete some design course and now i can make it easily with Adobe software.
    Your article remind my previous time. Thank you so much

    • SJB Reply

      Yes, it is a great template for beginners. They also offer awesome pictures. I am happy to know that you took some courses and can now make all of your visuals with ease. Best wishes to you.

  3. Rifat Reply

    What an Great Post. Very interesting topic of the time and I really thrilled to read this. Keep posting such interesting topics.

  4. haider butt Reply

    Web design skill are indeed important these days! So tough to get. But try hard and finally one will get results. i believe that Design plays the most important role today in attracting potential buyers and it’s the only thing which could give you a better ROI if done properly

  5. Ridha Reply

    Until now I used to create images without canva. I dont know how it works and how well it works, but by reading this whole post I assume that Canva will also be very good for me.
    Thanks for this post!

    • SJB Reply

      Hello Ridha,

      Thank you for reading my post. I have been using Canva nos for many years. I have upgraded to PRO and I must say, it’s great because there are so many more images available to me. They recently added new features! I create all of my visuals on Canva. No acceptions. ( graphics, blog posts, Facebook posts, posters, etc…) I hope you enjoy it! Check it out here if you wish! Keep safe!

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