Content marketing-how to write articles that get ranked

Helping others is what makes me happy! I want to tell and teach everybody what I have learned and what I am currently learning! Knowledge is so valuable and in this industry, the more we know, the better we get! As a writer, I want my articles to be perfect. So, this information below helps me out a lot.

How to get a perfect title that will rank on Googleheadline2

The number 1 impact on Google is the CTR=Click-through rate.

In order to get “clicks”, you must have an AWESOME  TITLE. End of story.

-The title shouldn’t be over 55 characters.

-It is highly recommended that your article title starts with a number. Why?

-This will give you a 64% greater chance of getting to page 1 on Google.

People click on titles with a number because those articles are more easily scanned and easier to read.

-Try to use numbers on at least 60% of your posts. You don’t want to overdo it, but you still want to do it.

-After the number, always use a superlative. This will also help catch the readers attention.

-Use your exact keyword in your title. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

Let’s pretend that your keyword is ”ways to make money”. Then your title would be…

IE 1: 23 unusual ways to make money.

or if your keyword is “ways to save money”, then your title would be…

IE 2: 41 Best Ways to save money.

How to determine the number in your titlenumbers1

-Look at the first page of the Google results for your keyword phrase

-Identify the posts that are using numbers in their post

-Identify the highest number and use 10 greater than that number

-Odd numbers get 20% more clicks. (It’s a mental thing)

-People naturally click on the higher number because they automatically think that there is more information in that article.

How many words should your article havenumbers2

-Longer articles have a better chance of getting ranked on Google. It is suggested the you write at least 750 to 2500 word articles.

-Look at the top ranking article with your keyword and see how many words it contains. The trick is to write 50% more words than that particular article.

Formatting your article

-Try to break up your paragraphs into bit sizes. It is best to use 7 sentences or less in each paragraph.

-Use headers and subheaders.

-Use numbered lists and bulletssubheader

-Try to use SAN SHERIF, GEORGIA or ARIAL font.

-Write in 14-16 PTS characters size.

-Make sure that your background is white. Anything else is hard to read.

-If you are using visuals, make sure that they are of good quality, meaning don not use pixelated pictures.

-Identify Youtube videos in your article. Use the ones that have a lot of views. This will also help you get ranked. You will increase your chances of people falling on your Youtube link inserted in your article.

Writers use Google to research.Google_web_search

We all know that backlinks are extremely important our website ranking on Google.

Writers love statistics. They use them all of the time in their articles. They are searching on Google all day long!

Write stats about your subject ( keyword)

If your keyword is “business marketing”, then the title of your stats post could be, “11 awesome business marketing statistics”.

Try to write 2 to 3 statistics posts per month. There just may be a good chance that a writer will fall on it and use it in their article. That would give you 1 BACKLINK.stats (1)

The more backlinks, the better you get ranked on Google.

I will be back with a tutorial on BACKLINKS.

There you have it! Happy writing WA!

Thanks for reading and following my tutorials. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me anything.

Happy writing!