How To Be Productive Every Minute Of Your Day

Take a second and imagine all that you need to accomplish today, this week, this month. Did your brain hurt a little? We feel you. With lots of things to do, and with all the distractions bumping into us, it’s challenging figuring out how to be more productive each day. But, would you believe that there’s no need to change your work life or routine massively to boost your productivity? There are ways to get more things done by making small adjustments in how you behave. Here are some easy tips that will help you make the most out of each minute of your day.

#1 Have A Good Morning Habit

Start your day right by getting up early and eating a healthy breakfast. Most successful people have the same morning habits, such as exercising or skimming through their inboxes to determine urgent tasks. You may either read a book or write notes to warm up your brain. Whichever you opt to do, get a good morning routine and begin your productive day on the right track.

#2 Make a to-do list and prioritize.

Often, we waste minutes slacking off because we’re lost, not knowing where to start. When that happens, an easy solution is to list everything you must accomplish. Then, prioritize, which of these tasks are essential and urgent. Don’t do the easy stuff first, as you’ll become distracted on the hard items that. You’ll convert your to-do list into an instant procrastination tool. If you get to the most critical and important things done first, you can be more productive while maintaining stress levels at a low.

#3 Don’t multitask.

A common misconception is that multitasking gets more done. When actually, it’s not. Spending many efforts at once only forces you to complete items more slowly and usually requires more minutes than if you just concentrate on each duty individually.

#4 Don’t overwhelm yourself.

While being ambitious is good, it turns the other way and becomes counterproductive when things become overwhelming. Aiming to do a large number of tasks in a day will give you stress, making you more anxious and less-fruitful. If the number of things you need to do is clouding up, fine-tune your to-do list, and be deliberate on what actually requires to be accomplished today.

#5 Keep a time diary.

Tracking your time through a diary can help you understand your habits and how you spend most of your time. By recording what you do, you’ll get to know where you’re wasting minutes of your day or when is the time you are most productive. Through that, you can make adjustments that can impact your workday in a significant way.

#6 Take advantage of waiting time.

Let’s say you’re waiting for your flight or have an appointment with your dentist. Bring something productive with you to do. You can read a book, catch up with your correspondence, or writing your next blog.

#7 Ditch unnecessary commitments.

One of the most excellent ways to be more productive is to steer away from those engagements that, well, would waste your time. This could be anything like politely turning down a night out with your friends or, canceling random visits to a zoo or museum. Identify which commitments are unproductive and can be canceled or rescheduled some other time to make way for more significant tasks.

#8 Be decisive.

Are you thorned on which of those two good books to read? Read them both. The minutes you waste on flip-flopping on a decision can be used on other things that are more productive. Remember, some decisions are crucial. Most that we do every day isn’t. If you want to be productive, make a decision right away, be accountable, and move on.

#9 Have back-up plans.

Today’s going a big productive day yet little mishaps start to pop up requiring your attention. Well, it happens to everyone such as last-minute meetings, an unscheduled visit from relatives, or sudden parent duties. To be productive, you need to acknowledge fallacies, have back-up plans or allow extra time for them scheduling tasks. A common hindrance to productivity is estimation, forgetting to take into account tasks that aren’t in your calendar yet.

#10 Learn from both successes and mistakes.

Fast and good work is often associated with productivity. When you work quickly, however, you make yourself vulnerable to mistakes. Learning through these shortcomings and improving at every potential moment can help you more productive in a big way. When a task goes wrong, analyze it and look for ways to make it better next time around. This also goes along with success. Figure out what made you finish an item quickly and repeat them. Bring those key learning the next time you work and you’ll surely do more tasks in a breeze.

#11  Make a distraction list.

With social media, emails, and a lot of side tasks to do, it’s quick to get distracted, affecting your productivity. Distractions are great obstacles whether you’re focusing on a deep work or finishing a minor task. It’s difficult to keep up with effective work habits when you have them around. A good way to get rid of these annoying things is by making a distraction list. While you’re working, write down any distraction or interfering thoughts that can pop up. Keep it on a list, a piece of paper or a Google doc. You now know what to steer away from the next time around.

#12 Recharge

Your energy is as essential as your productivity. We’ve already talked about different tactics and steps on how to be productive each minute of the day. However, all won’t help if you’re not taking care and valuing yourself. Productive people don’t just work and work. They spend time recharging, which means taking breaks, sleeping, exercising, and eating well. When you’re full of energy, you’re surely off to a productive outing.

#13 Celebrate

Once you’ve executed a productive day and put all its minutes into good use, don’t forget to take your time and celebrate what you’ve finished. It’s essential to reward yourself even with simple stuff, like your favorite snack or drink, so that you can keep on doing excellent work. Moreover, a reward system is an amazing motivator for being more productive every single day.

It all begins in making small adjustments to bring big changes. Consider these tips, take action and unleash your productivity in you.


Whatever app or time management tool you choose to use is entirely up to you. If you are finding yourself having a hard time focusing or getting anything done then it might be time to check on your well-being. Maybe you need a new prescription for contacts (view more) or glasses, probably why you feel sleepy most of the time because your eyes just feel too tired overcompensating for your vision problems or you are burned out. Try to do a quick check with yourself and find time to do health and wellness activities.

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About the author

Bogdan Nowak is a health enthusiast. He works at a local gym in the Opole District of Poland and writes as a freelancer for several health magazines both local and international. He has a pet terrier named Jakub.

4 comments on “How To Be Productive Every Minute Of Your Day”

  1. Josie Reply

    I really love your suggestions on how to be more productive. I particularly think that the avoidance of the harder tasks is very apt to me! I tend to do the easy things first, then at the end of the day I get frustrated because I wasn’t able to get the important things done that were on a timeframe (needed to be done within business hours, for example). Thank you for sharing this, I’ve really gotten a lot out of it. Starting tomorrow, the challenging things will be the ones I try to tackle first!

    • SJB Reply

      Hello Josie,

      I personally think that we all have a tendency to start with the easy stuff first. It’s a habit that we need to break and change. It’s all for the better. I am happy that this article motivated you to start with the hard tasks first. I’m pretty sure that at the end of the day, you will be less frustrated. 😉 Have a great weekend.

  2. Chloe Reply

    This is just what I need, God!. I am someone who is always scattered and don’t really make a plan for the day at all. Sometimes I just wake up, make my hair to a doughnut and start working. So many time the whole system just come crumbling down on me and I end up not doing the what is expected of me sometimes.
    From what i have read here, it’s  a routine I’ll love to give a try and high hopes I’ll start getting results when I start with my daily work. Thanks for these tips

    • SJB Reply

      Hello Chloe, 

      Thank you for stopping by. I am really happy that this article can help you plan ahead. Come back and let me know how it goes for you. Have a great weekend!

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