How To Get Your Music On Spotify

As of today,  Spotify is considered one, if not, the biggest music streaming platform in the world. Spotify is now said to have a total of 217 million streamers globally, including the 100 million premium or paid subscribers. With these numbers, they’re the preferred venue for music artists, labels, and distributors.

In this article, we will discuss the current methods of music distribution for artists who would like to release their songs on Spotify and be counted in the digital age.

First things first

Before anything else, you need to be aware that an artist cannot go directly and upload their music to Spotify. Whether you’re an independent artist or signed with a record label, there are authorized channels or distributors that can get your music to Spotify.

Spotify teams up with firms who can take care of the licensing and distribution of your work. When your music is streamed, you’ll earn royalties. Furthermore, distributors charge certain fees for their services. The package vary thus it is advisable to have an assessment first before choosing. 

Choose your distributor

Spotify distributor

This guide is mainly for independent artists who wish to get their music to Spotify via its recommended distributors. They are :

  • Distrokid Said to have the best overall service, they are apparently the simplest medium for artists to make their music available to Spotify. It also offers the artists of unlimited uploads and gives a 100% guarantee of their royalties.
  • CD Baby The firm is the original independent distributor and they are preferred not only by Spotify but also by Apple Music, and YouTube.
  • EmuBrands The company is a simple-to-use with a  low-cost digital music distribution service. They are also multi platformed which also distributes music to iTunes, Amazon Music and many others including Spotify.

The list is not limited to the above mentioned but since Spotify prefers these firms, it is therefore recommended to start with any one of the three.

Your Best Option

Technically, all of the sites stated above are identical in almost every aspect of distribution. But a choice has to be made and after reviewing the options, it is recommended that DistroKid is the best for you. They offer a bargain with a fee of only $19.99 per year for a single artist. That includes an amazing feature which is unlimited distribution; you can upload and release a new song every week without the worries of additional charges.

Both Cd Baby and EmuBrands require you to pay every time you upload while DistroKid is period based, they only charge once a year.

Step by step proceedure Spotify

The Step-by-Step Procedure with Spotify

Getting your music to Spotify is pretty simple, here’s the process:

  1. Sign-up with a music distributor, in this guide we chose DistroKid.
  2. Upload your tracks or album to the chosen distributor.
  3. Provide the music distributor with the complete information ( track title, artist name, album title, track number, music genre, and copyright information)
  4. Provide artwork to the music distributor. Artwork can be the artist’s picture, album cover, or even your logo.
  5. Choose Spotify as your platform.
  6. Choose a preferred release date.
  7. Review if all the information is correct, then and confirm and submit.
  8. Wait for the approval which normally takes around 3-5 days. As stated in step number 6,  you may opt to select a release date beyond the regular approval schedule.

The above basically sums up the procedure on how to get your music on Spotify. However,  most of the work you need to do is with the distributor.

Signing Up With DistroKid – Walkthrough

Now that DistroKid is your distributor, below is the guide on how to use for the release of your music.

  1.  Create an account

Go to to sign up for an account. Be ready with your preferred username, password, and email address.

  • Select membership type & make payment
              The first option is the  Musician package for $19.99 per year. It is

the basic package yet packed with features and one of that was mentioned earlier.

The next package, priced at $35.00 per year has added features like more customization options and analytics reports. If you think this is better and your budget can allow it, this is also recommended.

The last package costs $79.99 per year and has options tailor-fit for recording labels.

Upon selecting a package, the site will take you to the payment page. Here, you can input your credit card details to pay for your first annual membership fee. Paypal and other payment channels are not yet an option though. Either you just borrow a credit card or just purchase a Mastercard / Visa gift card.

  • Ready to upload

After the successful payment, you will be taken to the congratulatory page. Select “Start Now” then you will be redirected to another page where you can start uploading your song/s.

At the upper left portion of your screen, just select “Click here to upload music.”

Upon clicking, another page will open where you will be asked to “Add Contact Information, ” then enter the following information :

a.       Email

b.       Phone Number

c.       Name

d.       Business Name

e.       Country

f.        Address

g.       City

h.       Postal Code

Spotify distribution agreement

At the bottom of the page is the DistroKid Distribution Agreement, read it carefully because it’s legally binding. Click the checkbox then you will be asked for your password, just enter it then hit “Continue.” Take note this will not yet upload your songs, this is still a preparatory procedure.

  • Enter the preferred release date of your song/s.
  • The next step is to release a single or a collection of up to 35 songs in one album. Choose Spotify as your platform.
  • You are ready to release your song/s.
  • You may now enter the artist/band name and set a release date.

It is recommended to set your release date to at least 7 days from that time.

There are other items you need to fill out or check, just answer as honest and accurate as possible so that you may not encounter some issues in the future.  

  • Enter song details and other info

The next step is to upload the song/album artwork. Make sure it’s a prepared photo that relates to your song/album.

After uploading artwork, you will be asked if what genre and/or subgenre (if needed)  is your music.

You may now enter the details about the music/song like title, featured artist if there is, songwriters, and explicit lyrics notice if necessary.

  • Actual uploading and finishing touches

Now, the actual uploading of the song takes place. After uploading, there are still some final things need to address.

You will be presented with extra services like sharing to social media sites or other music platforms. Just choose the free ones and check the 4 “agreement” boxes at the bottom.

The final step is to hit the “DONE” button and your good to go.

Congratulations, you are now a bona fide recording artist! Just wait on the release of your song to Spotify.

Good luck and we hope this guide helped you on your journey as an artist. Check out for more latest tips and music updates!

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  1. Steve Reply

    Just this past year, I released an EP using CD Baby. I was definitely happy with the results and the amount of distribution it got. However, I wish I had known about Distrokid before I did it. That price is pretty incredible, especially for someone who creates a lot of content. Having to pay each time you upload a single or album can get pretty expensive. Even if you only uploaded one album a year, it still works out to a better deal. I will have to look into this the next time I plan to release something! Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Happy Eating RD Reply

    Hi Bogdan!

    This is super interesting, I never knew what a process it could be to get your music on Spotify. I love Spotify, it’s definitely my favorite way of streaming any music. Although I am not much of a recording artist, this article really gave me some perspective on what it takes to be on their playlist!

    Thank you for taking the time to write this super informative article, I am bookmarking your site for more interesting finds like this one.

    Have a great day!


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