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Using Jaxxy To Take Over The WorldJaaxy keyword tool

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a keyword research tool that not only did just about everything you could ever want, but was also extremely easy to use and cost next to nothing? Well, it is nice. It’s called Jaxxy, and you need to be using it.

You can try it here for free: type in any keyword you are intrigued about…



You’ve probably used keyword tools before, but they each had their own specialization—some were good for a few uses like niche research, and others were better for spying on your competition and keeping track of who is ranking for which keywords—but none truly had the kind of well-rounded functionality that you were looking for, at least not without being hard to use. But why go through all the trouble of dealing with a dozen different tools when you can simply use the jack of all trades? Jaxxy has many invaluable functions, including:


Niche Research

jaaxy insideWhen it comes to running a successful online business, whittling your niche down to something wide enough to be lucrative, but narrow enough not to have enough competition is extremely important. Jaxxy will help you brainstorm lucrative niche ideas and even make suggestions.


keyword researchKeyword Research

Of course, this is the heart of any keyword tool. Want to know the average search volume of a given keyword? Jaxxy will tell you, and on top of that, it’s great at suggesting alternative phrases that you can use to connect with your audience if you’re looking to bank on those long-tail keywords.


Before you decide to put energy, time, and money into ranking for a particular set of keywords, it’s important to check out whether or not you have too much competition to reasonably expect to rank well. Jaxxy tells you how many other sites are ranking for the keywords you are targeting, and this can help you figure out which keywords are worth your time.



Having a keyword-rich domain name is advantageous both from an SEO perspective and from a brand perspective, giving your human audience something memorable that they can type in every time they need to use your website. Jaxxy really shines here, suggesting available domains that are related to the keywords that you are researching. Even if you don’t plan on using the domains for your own business, you can use this capability for researching domains that you want to flip, and it can make the process of finding potentially lucrative prospects much easier.   More importantly, Jaxxy is extremely easy to use. The UI is intuitive and obvious even if you’re not an expert; you just type in your keyword and it shows you everything all at once. There’s no bloated software to download to your computer—you can just use it straight from your browser. Try it again….

Even better, Jaxxy doesn’t cost anything to use. That’s right, it’s actually FREE. All you have to do is sign up and you can run 30 keyword searches per month without paying a dime, which is plenty for someone who is just starting out. In all likelihood, though, as you grow you’re going to want to use it more and more, in which case there are paid memberships that you can also sign up for—luckily, they are dirt cheap. To be perfectly honest, this tool is worth way more than the cost, and I highly recommend that you try it out; you have nothing to lose since it’s free!

You can also read my entire review of Jaaxy right here. 


4 comments on “Jaaxy-The Best Online Keyword Search Tool Ever”

  1. Chris Towers Reply

    I have heard of Jaaxy before and to be honest I was not sure about using it.

    I know it is a very powerful tool, but I have always managed to find a free keyword tool that does a good job too.

    I just noticed here there is a free version where I could carry out 30 searches a month. I will go and try it.. and if i like it I will come back here with a view to taking a membership!

    Thanks for the information!


    • SJB Reply

      Hello Chris,

      Yes, there are 30 free searches per month. I think that it’s the best tool out there. Let me know what you think after trying it.

  2. Rosy Reply

    Hi SJB,
    Thanks for your post about Jaaxy. Ive been using Jaaxy a few day now and I am really happy with it. I still work with the free trail, are you using the paid version? What is the price and do you think it is worth it’s value?
    Do you notice any difference in your search ranking on Google before and after you have been using Jaaxy?
    Sorry for all these questions, hopefully you can give me some answers 😀
    – Rosy

    • SJB Reply

      Hello Rosy,

      Yes, I use the upgraded version. It is only $19 per month and yes, I have noticed a huge difference in my ranking on Google. The keywords options that it gives me really makes a difference for my article rankings. I think that keyword research, no matter what, makes the entire difference in it all. Thanks for dropping by.

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