Looking For Bloggers

Looking For Bloggers looking for bloggers

Are you a writer? Do you love to write and help others learn about blogging? This is exactly how I started my writing career after I wrote my book.

I started writing for others on their blogs. It gave me notoriety but most importantly, it gave me traffic to my website.

What I’m looking for are guest contributors and bloggers to write interesting content for my website.

If you know what it takes to make it as a blogger and believe that you have great information to share with the world, well, I would love to hear from you.

Here are the requirements:

Guest Contributors:

If you have any tips to share about blogging, the blogging business, and/or affiliate marketing, then I’d love to have you on my blog. Also, if you are a single mom or dad and have a story that you would like to share about your success in your business, please, contact me. I would love to feature your story on my site.

Your article must be:

  • 1000 words long.
  • In the topic of blogging & online business.
  • With no affiliate links.
  • 100% written by you and only you.

Prior to this, I would like to see previous examples of your work of course. Also, note that I reserve the right to make any changes to your article if I feel that it is necessary.

*Please note this is not a paid job. However, in exchange for your article, I will insert 2 links to your own blog. Moreover,  I will be sharing your post with my subscribers and social media followers.

If you are interested in being a guest blogger on my website, please send me a quick email of intention to sonia@workathomeandlivelife.com and I will get back to you very quickly.

I simply ask a few questions prior to accepting you as a guest blogger and there you have it! You have become a guest blogger on my blog!

If you’re interested, also please send me your URL and explain a little bit your experience with blogging.

I truly look forward to hearing from you! I’m excited.