Most Horrible Online Scams

Top 3 online scams to watch out for in 2016scams, beware

The internet in 2015 was BOOMING! And now that it’s early 2016, people are looking into ways of making extra money online flagyl tablets. January is a difficult month for all, especially after the Holidays. If internet marketing and online businesses are in the rise, this automatically means that so is internet crime, no?

Trust me, I’ve been through it all. I have been caught by many online scams! You can’t begin to imagine.

Here, I am going to give you the top 3 online scams to look for in 2016. Don’t let yourself be fooled by any of them. There are certain signs to look out for and I am going tell you exactly what they are.

A Side Note

I almost forgot to mention email scams. That’s what ids what is really popular today. Although they don’t seem like a scam and the emails do  look legit, chances are , they aren’t, especially if you have no idea who the sender is.

Have you ever received an email telling you that you just inherited $1,000,000,000 from an old man with no family in a foreign country? I most certainly have! At first, I actually believed it but then, decided to look up the name that ”famous man” that was given to me. Thank goodness that I did, it turned out to be a scam of course. These people want your bank account number and your personal information. Then, once they have that, you are doomed. So, just beware of those weird emails asking you for personal information and asking you to click on a link that will then bring you to a site that is looking for donations for some kind of hurricane relief or something. Just watch out, please!

Here we go:

1-Congratulations! You have just won an Ipad ( or an Xbox or an Iphone, etc…)scam alert

You find yourself shopping on the internet and all of a sudden, a banner pops up saying, ”CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE JUST WON AN IPAD!”

Well, the worst thing that you can do is click on it. If you do, here’s what will happen. You will be asked for your address and your phone number so that they can ship your new Ipad. You will enter it in the space reserved for it. Then, they will ask you for your credit card number so that you can cover the shipping and handling costs. Here is the big surprise! You will never receive it! Then, unfortunately, you will start seeing crazy charges on your credit card. Your credit card company will probably reimburse you but you will have to put in all of that time to dispute the charges.

2-Survey Scam

I must admit, this is a good one! They get us by the sentiments. If you have ever expressed interest in social issues such as global warming or the war in the Middle East, there’s a good chance that you have seen this. If not, you may see it really soon. Then, you will most likely receive an email requesting that you answer a survey regarding those particular issues. You will click on the link and BANG! You have just been infected by a virus. Actually, spyware that will seek all of your personal information from your computer, your banking passwords and more…Sadly, you will then see your bank account starting to lower by purchase charged  that you have never done. This is what we call identity theft and sadly, it can ruin your life forever! Watch out for those!

3-Paypal and/or Online banking ScamPayPal scam

This is one that I have received through email approximately 10 times in the past few weeks. I must admit though, the first few times, they almost got me. I do a lot of online banking, every day practically, and it was just weird to me that my bank would send me an email asking me to confirm my bank card information. The very same thing does for PayPal. I am on there at least once per week. Why would PayPal ask me to re-confirm my password etc…? The email is really well set up. It really looks like it was sent from PayPal or the bank. The reality of it is much different. It comes from scammers. Ones that will again, steal your identity and your money. Please don’t get caught with this one!


Please be very careful when you are online or answering emails!

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to ask me below. I promise to answer you. Also, if you have any comments or want to tell me a story that happened to you, I would love to hear it.






4 comments on “Most Horrible Online Scams”

  1. Tar Reply

    Firstly, I like the way it’s breakdown. I mean the word ‘SCAM’. I’m always confused scam and scheme by the way.

    It’s true that when something is popular in demand, there’s always aspects or elements which give that negative presence.

    Like a handbag for example. There’s always a crime of copyright. Linking to crime, it annoys me when I ‘just won a prize’. Off putting!

    • SJB Reply

      Thank you for reading! That is so true. When something becomes popular, it always seems as though people start writing bad stuff about it. We have to be careful where we get our information from in that case. The “I just won a prize” one is pretty bad too!

  2. Taner Reply

    I don’t know if I should smile or cry on these scams 🙂
    Like your site and the post decoration. Everything is aligned good, the images are positioned well and you have chosen good scams!
    Anyway, the paypal scam is scary, someone won’t read the whole mail and will give the secret info to scammers… Thanks for the info and be careful guys!

    • SJB Reply

      Thank you! I think that the Paypal scam is the scariest one for me too! I almost got caught. Luckily I use it on a regular basis. If not, I probably would’ve gotten caught!

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