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My ultimate lifetime dream

My Facebook Love Affair.
my facebook love affair

I know that I have mentioned before that my dream was to become a lawyer and to be a successful business woman. However, whoever said that we were only allowed one dream in our lives?

Writing a book was another one of my dreams. Again, I never thought that I would be able to do it, especially not while running my business and being a full-time single working mom.

first bookThis is me when I received my first official copy. I will always remember that day!

I knew that I wanted to write a book but I had no idea what I was going to write about until one day, I met an incredible person on Facebook. I knew as soon as I connected with him that I had to tell the world about him, about how he contributed to changing my life.

My book is about me.It’s about my life, about how difficult it has been. It’s about  how I shared my life experiences with a total stranger that I met on Facebook. How did he change my life? Well, it was pretty amazing. I can’t really explain it.  I won’t tell you much more about it except that it’s the story of my life. I wrote it to motivate other women  and to let them know that even though we go through hardships and hard times, that we should never let go of our dreams. Everything and anything is possible. I am the proof of that.

The official launch

My book launch was one of the most amazing days of my life. I felt so proud and honored. All of my family and friends showed up. The media gave me great coverage.
Courrier LavalThis is a clip from the local newspaper. It’s written in French as I am from Montreal and here, we speak French. Well, a lot of people are bilingual but the official language is French.

I held the launch in a great restaurant close to where I live. The entire place was reserved for my event.

If you would like to see some pictures of my book launch, please feel free to visit my Facebook page here.

Let’s make our dreams come true! Let’s do it together!

If you would like to read my book, click here.