Online Surveys-Can You Really Make Money Doing This?

Are Online Surveys A Scam?Online survey scam

How would you like to make money online right now just for giving your opinion? Does that sound awesome or what?

Well, before you get excited, let’s examine some very basic principles of supply and demand: If you managed to stay awake during economics class (though, to be fair, who did?), you’ll know that the price of something (how much someone is willing to pay for it) is pretty much proportional to its scarcity. In other words, if there is very little supply, buttons of demand, the price will probably be high (because the item is very scarce); on the other hand, if there is tons of supply and little demand, the price will be very low, and people might even be giving this item away for nothing just to get rid of it.

Survey of the day

These guys offer a “survey of the day”.

Now, let’s take a look at the market value of your “opinion” using these principles. You know that old adage that opinions are like…a certain unmentionable body part, and that everyone has one? This should cover the “supply” side of things: Opinions are not in short supply; in fact, everyone has plenty of them to give away for free, completely unsolicited! As for the “demand” side of things, how often do you really care about some random person’s opinion if they aren’t your best friend, a family member, or an expert that you’ve hired to guide you through some ordeal or another?

Probably not often. In fact, ideally, never—and for good reason: Everyone has something to say, especially in this day and age of information overload, and most of that babble is not relevant to you (and sometimes to anybody else), and the modern struggle isn’t about accessing opinions or information, it’s about filtering through all of that mindless tripe to get to the stuff that you need.

In other words, soliciting random opinions from random people and having to sift through all of them is work, it’s the hard part, and how often would you pay just to do work?

Online survey

Another online survey site

Further, if you paid for some random person’s opinion online, instead of just quickly surveying your own already-paying customers, what kind of quality do you think your responses would have? Do you think you would attract people who are just trying to make a quick buck and don’t really care about your product or service? Personally, I would bet on it flagyl tablets buy online.

So, now that we’ve put things into perspective a little: How much do you think some random company is going to pay some random person (you) for your “opinion,” unless it’s in the context of a long, boring market research project where you’ll have to sit in a room with a long table filling out little sheets, and they’ll feel too guilty to not compensate you with something for your in-person time?

Probably not a lot…or more than probably nothing at all. That’s right: You’ll be hard pressed to find anybody willing to pay you anything to fill out surveys.

Does that mean that this site—and others like it—is a scam? No, not entirely. You can still make (a little bit of) money on these type of sites, but it’s not because you’re filling out surveys. You see, these kinds of sites where you can “make money taking surveys” earn their living by turning you into a lead.

The “surveys” are just a decoy. The site is paid to give your contact information to companies, so when you fill out your name, e-mail address, and other personal and demographic information during the “survey,” they make money and split a portion of the profits with you. In return, the random company that paid the site gets a new lead and they are likely to send you tons of junk mail unless you go to the trouble of opting out.

If you don’t have a problem with this—and with your personal information getting sold and resold for pennies—then go right ahead if you feel the need. Just understand what you’re getting, and know that these sites often misrepresent what you’re actually doing: You’re not getting paid for your opinions or feedback, you’re getting paid to be sold to.

The question is, of course: Is it worth the money? Depending on which site you frequent for these “surveys,” you will make more or less money, but generally-speaking, it will almost always be very little. For most people, it is not worth it at all. In all the time you spend filling out mindless surveys and spreading your personal information to the four corners of the Internet, you could have picked up a small, marketable skill and started selling your services to make money online in a more legitimate way.

Mysurvey.caIf you think that sounds hard or impossible, it really doesn’t have to be; you might even already have the skills to get started. For example, if you’re reading this article right now, that must mean that you can understand English, at least to some extent. Congratulations, you have the basis for a marketable skill!

Learn to write and sell your content well and you can actually make a fairly decent living. Or, start up your own website in a niche that you’re passionate about and you WILL make awesome money.

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  1. Josh Reply

    Hey Sonia,
    Interesting take on the earning money via filling out surveys. I thought that earning money by filling out survey was not the most efficient way to make money online it never occurred to me that the companies actually sell your contact information as leads. Thanks for the info

  2. Michael Reply

    Hello. I would like to make money on the internet and I have been looking for many ways. I think that completing surveys can be good at the beginning. I will see how it looks and do not have to make a lot of money right away. That’s why I think I’ll take care of it. If I earn at least $ 50 in the first month with internet, I will consider it a good start.

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