Spammy Email In Your Folder -Fraud or Virus

Spammy Email in Your Folder-Is it Fraud Or A Virus?


Email Fraud-How to spot itspammy email

For the past, oh, I would say 6 months, I have been receiving more junk mail than ever. As a matter of fact, even my “legit” mail is going into my spam box. It’s getting more and more difficult to communicate via email because of all of the spam out there. It’s crazy if you ask me and I’m getting a little sick and tired of it. However, what has surprised me the most is the fact that I have been receiving so many scams AND viruses via email. It’s been a little hectic managing it all,  I must admit. I have to be vigilante before opening my emails now. Even if the email seems to be coming from someone that I know, it may not even be that person.

email virus

You see this email above? Well, that name to me rings a bell. So, it’s only natural that I would open the email, right? Well, WRONG! I don’t know this person and in the email, he invites me to open the ZIP file for proof of delivery. However, I hadn’t ordered anything at that particular time so I was lucky because I caught on. If I would’ve opened it, OMG! Big problems would have happened with my computer.

I have been caught once and I have promised myself that I wouldn’t get caught a second time.

Let’s start by going over a few of the email viruses that are going around on the net these days. I can’t keep count with them. I literally receive them every single day!

Firstly, it’s really important that you double check the source of the email before you open it because before you know it, your computer can be infected with a malicious virus that will most probably cost you a fortune to get rid of or, may even be irreparable.

This is an example of one of the virus emails that I received. The return address is a Gmail account. Gmail seems to be a very “safe” source, doesn’t it?


email virus

If you look closely at the title, it says, ” Fron Juliana, Complete Registration.

You can’t see it in the image because it has been blocked by my virus protection but there’s a file attached. The email is made so that you go to click on the file because you think that your registration for something that you have just registered for is incomplete.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a blogger and I’m constantly on the internet trying out new things. With that being said, I register for something new almost every day so this email doesn’t come as a surprise to me. If I wasn’t paying attention, I could’ve easily clicked on that link and BAM, I would’ve been infected with a malicious virus.

So, anything that comes in and requests you to click on the file, don’t do it.

This is another example:

virus email


This particular one asks me  to click on a link in order to view the “web version”. Whatever that means. The email tries to make me believe that I am  already a subscriber their website.

The title is: Did You Get My Last Email? It’s pretty smart but not as smart as us, right?

If you get an email like this, please don’t click on it. It will, undoubtedly, give you a virus on your computer.

There are so many examples that I could give you but it would be never ending. The purpose here is to warn you and to let  you in on the fact there are all kinds of viruses out there and it’s easy to come in contact with them.

The Email Scams that everyone probably gets

Now, I would like to get into the other type of “spammy email”. Yes, the true scams and fraud emails! I still can’t believe that they exist, but they do.

So, last week, I received an email from someone that seemed to know me.

It said: Did you get my message?

That’s the only thing it said.

It came from a”SGT Charles Raymond”. I had never received an email like this one so I answered back, “What message? I don’t even know who this is”.

virus example

virus example

About 1 week later, I received a response from the same person. He started by apologizing for the delay.

Then, he went on to explain to me that he is in Afghanistan and that he was contacting me to release $25,000,000 to me. He then wrote that the majority of the money had been found in barrels when he and his other “friends” were patrolling. They apparently decided to “share” the money that they found but needed assistance in getting the money “out”.

Anyways, I feel like I am in the 90’s right now when all of these emails actually started going around.

email fraud exampleThis is what the email looks like…for the most part. I don’t want to waste your time with everything that was written in it. What I do want to warn you for is that these people, whoever they are, are scammers. They are looking for your bank account number and your personal information. When they have it, they will not hesitate to take out every penny that you own.

NEVER give away your personal information over the internet. NEVER give out that information to anyone unless you are physically in a bank or something.

There are so many horror stories out there, it’s really sad. Many people have been caught in this email scam and are telling their stories. I fell upon this website where you can see some of the actual fake pictures that have been sent in these scams. There are over 1000 comments from all kinds of people who know a lot about these particular types of scams. Check it out here. 

If you’re asking yourself if I replied back to this, the answer is no. But part of me feels like I should just to see how far they are willing to take this.

Your comments are always appreciated.

4 comments on “Spammy Email In Your Folder -Fraud or Virus”

  1. Derek Marshall Reply

    Hi there,

    Thank you kindly for sharing this post and information. The screen shots are an excellent visual aid in warning me and others at just how crafty spam emailers and people sending viruses are getting.

    I personally have an account set up just for sites where I “enter my email for more information” often I use a made up name when it asks for name (like something rude “D*ckhead”) for example. Quite amusing to get spam email (which happens from time to time) “Dear D*ckhead, I am writing to inform you that inherited 25 million US$”…etc etc (you get the idea…)

    • SJB Reply

      That is sooo funny! I can’t stop laughing! What an idea you had! I can only imagine how funny it would be to receive an email that starts by calling me a name! Too funny! Thanks for sharing this with me!

  2. Reply

    Sad to say I know exactly what you are talking about. About 2 weeks ago I received a similar email stating that there was a person in the middle east that just found my name at random and wanted to “pass it on” and had 10,000,000 to release to me. All I had to do was send $250 dollars to release the funds and enjoy a life of luxury. Of course i didn’t send the funds but replied show me some sort of proof of the availability of funds and I would gladly transfer funds. I also received an email from a “lady” who was stuck in a war torn area of Iraq and needed 5,000 dollars to escape with her 2 young children. Thanks for putting the info out there. Sadly it is needed.


    • SJB Reply

      You see, their purpose to get as much money as they can from as many people as they can. Unfortunately, some people get caught in these scams. Thanks for telling your story.

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