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Grammar mistakes

The writing pattern of people today is quite alarming. Each day we learn of new technological advancements in the production of gadgets and applications alike. The social network and networking apps are part of its welcomed developments.

Weighing the advantages over the disadvantages isn’t a topic that can get exhausted in one day, but of important note to all is one of the most common disadvantage of social networks- short-coding of words, which I would rather tag the “lazy man pattern of writing”.

Who is actually to blame- technology or technology users who misuse or rewrite the functionality of these technologies?
I honestly think it’s the users and not technology, but that may be cruel to the users because their argument could be that it’s the trends associated with technology that has created the impulse of such writing patterns.

That is true also. I would rather allow you be the judge, while I focus on how to curb or if possible eliminate the ‘lazy man pattern of writing’.

Bad Writing Habits 

I did a little research to discover for myself how widespread this virus has eaten up the writing habits of students, workers and even teachers who are supposed to be in the forefront of the battle against improper English writing patterns.

Before I share and discuss my findings from my research with you, let me bring it to your attention that this writing pattern affects virtually everyone, starting from the last child of a family to the father of the home. Activities such as informal correspondence in the form of texting and chatting have been tagged as the root cause of this “mishap” or proper writing dysfunction. The use of short codes, abbreviations and numerals to represent letters during texts and chats have made their way into formal writing communications.

The use of short codes, abbreviations and numerals to represent letters during texts and chats have made their way into formal writing communications.

Go through some of my findings outlined below and identify the errors in Grammar; you’re likely to discover how awful and disturbing these errors really are.

Examples of mistakes


-Please do not put heavy item on this machine, thank for your copulation. (sometimes, “auto-correct” can play tricks on us)
-10 great drinks you’ve may never ordered.
-Happy 16th daughter.
-I’d rather be passed off, then passed on.
-Thank you. Sorry for the inconvenius.

These errors may  seem obvious for you, but for for some, they are not. One simple mistake can the message being passed along. For a scenario like this to be avoided, a great tool that works online and on mobile apps is the Grammarly.

Read below why  Grammarly is best grammar correction tool ever!


1-Instant grammar checker
Grammarly is an instant grammar checker. It checks articles of about 1000 words in less than 2mins. It is the fastest grammar check tool recommended for freelance writers who write within a given time range.

2-Accurate grammar checker
Grammarly is rated the most accurate checker because of the success derived from it. It checks more than 250 advanced grammar rules. It checks modifier placements and if subjects agree with the verb.

3-Make writings better
Most of the freelance writers who use it have testified to the great quality of the articles obtained from Grammarly after scanning their documents.

4-Eliminates most spelling errors
It eliminates wrong spellings after scanning. The grammar, spell check and vocabulary is usually accurate after each scan.

5-Works everywhere on the Internet
The flexibility to use it online is an added advantage. You can use it to write mistake-free on all social networks or any webpage online.

6-Designed by the world’s leading linguists
Grammarly’s powerful algorithms are developed by the world’s leading linguists. This means that its accuracy is in tact and can’t be questioned.

7-More than a basic spell check
The service goes beyond the basic spell check. The grammar is built into the word processor which enables it identify words spelt correctly but used in wrong context, with a different meaning.

It detects whether these words are of erroneous use; lose/loose, affect/effect, lie/lay.

8-Contextual spelling checker

It gives a line by line check to discover words that have correct spellings but don’t match in the context. It also offers a list of words that can replace those words.

9-Vocabulary enhancement
It enhances the vocabulary of your document. It provides a list of synonyms that can change a word in the document and improve the readability of the document.

10-Detailed explanation
This may be the last on the list but it’s the most valued reason why Grammarly is awesome. It gives a detailed explanation of why words need to be changed, what grammatical rule the word breaks, and provides a list of words to choose from to change it, explaining also why that word perfectly fits in there.Grammarly - world's best grammar checker

I would be happy to respond to your comments and questions. So feel free please to leave your comments or questions below. You input is always appreciated.

You can try it for free! Check it out over here, on the left!


8 comments on “Top 10 Reasons why Grammarly is Awesome”

  1. Lynne Reply

    Thanks for sharing about Grammarly. I haven’t used it before but I have heard of it before because of some bloggers I know that are not English.
    They use it to help them write their posts and they have said it really makes a huge difference for them.
    I must say that I have been meaning to use it myself but I never got around to doing it.
    It is just so easy to make a typo and publish your content without realizing you have made a mistake. I also find that when I read my own content I don’t pick up errors easily!

    • SJB Reply

      Thanks for your comment. I mostly like it because yes, it catches all of our little typos. However, it makes amazing suggestions as to synonyms and other terms that we can use to replace in case of repetition.

  2. Dylan Reply

    Wow this is a really great website and I’m happy I found it.

    Grammarly really seems like a life saver. I tend to write fast so it takes me forever to edit my posts because I make a lot of errors on the way. This seems like something that can really help and cut back on editing time. I’m a little confused on how it words. Is it a plugin or do I post it somewhere?

    Thanks for the information.

    • SJB Reply

      You are so welcome. Actually, you just create an account and then install the app on your computer. When you need to correct a text, you then either copy/paste your article or import it.

      It’s really great. Also, anything that you write on thereafter will be automatically corrected as well….such as here.

  3. Simon Crowe in Asia Reply

    I really like Grammarly and would recommend it to anyone. There are just so many times in the day whether it be an email, a Facebook post, a blog post you’re publishing or just a message to a friend when it can be a real life saver.

    It find it to be really accurate in not just spelling, but grammar and punctuation too.

  4. Jonathan Reply

    Thanks for letting me know about Grammarly. I just installed the tool on my computer now. I, being a blogger had many shortcomings gramartically, English being the second language, I have always had some problems writing.

    I think this is a great tool not only to me but to evry blogger. I am finding of great use as I get instant correction while I write.

    I am just wondering what Grammarly premium has to offer.

  5. Warren Reply

    SJB, today’s grammar usage is just awful and worse, it’s accepted. Maybe it’s our Twitter world where we have to crunch down words and phrases to get to 140 and that just carries over into the real world. This product sounds really interesting. I’m definitely going to look into it. Thanks for the info.

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