Scam- The Truth About The Ultimate Millionaire’s Blueprint Review-

How to Become a Millionaire Without Working Hard


Ultimate milionnaire reviewYou know what I would do if I had a system for making millions of dollars in a matter of months with next to no work or risk? I would totally make a website with a 28-minute video where I brag about my new car collection from the comfort of my pristine office, and I would offer the system to you for absolutely free.

When you first enter the site, you see this visual that’s over here, just below. He seems like such an honest man, doesn’t he? Really? He made over 1 million dollars in 90 days? I can’t believe that he has the nerve to actually say that.

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Wait, you don’t believe me? Well, good; you shouldn’t. There’s a strange quality about human nature: We know implicitly that everything in life comes with a price—that we need to expend some kind of effort to get where we want to go, whether it’s exercising our skills and talents, or simply our brute force—and yet we’re always on the lookout to get something for nothing at the same time.

Deep inside each of us, there’s a small nugget of hope that a huge windfall could come to pass after all, and that we could become millionaires overnight for doing nothing special, that we could just sit around being the same kind of person we were when we weren’t millionaires and yet somehow get our hands on this kind of money.

After all, if we didn’t have this tendency, then scams like “Millionaire Blueprint” wouldn’t continue to haunt humanity even to this day. It seems like these kinds of cons have existed since money was invented—and they probably have, except that, these days, the scams are getting more and more elaborate.

Now, if the bad acting in the video “testimonials” didn’t tip you off (“All I did to make this money was say yes!”), Millionaire Blueprint is one of your standard binary options scams, but with a twist. You see, you don’t even need to do any research or have any knowledge of how markets work to make a killing, according to them.

Binary options are already extremely risky—essentially gambling—even when the investor is experienced, but add to that “no experience necessary,” and you have an opportunity to lose a lot of money, and to lose it really fast.

But wait! The front page of the site says that users will experience an “82% win rate,” thanks to the “bot” that handles your trading. Any investment that requires no skills or experience, and has a risk that low is astounding—you get returns the vast majority of the time! This is practically unheard of when it comes to binary options. Based on these compelling facts, there must be one of two things going on here; these are our two “binary options” to consider:

Binary options scam

They claim that the system is free. It is but what they don’t tell you at the beginning is that you need to deposit funds into a binary options company in order to get access. The person behind this is making a lot of money from the people who are losing money through the binary options system. It just a way to lure you into investing in binary options and it’s 100% unethical.

At the bottom of this sales pitch over here, you can read , ” make $3,600 today! I mean really, if that were true, wouldn’t we all be running to sign up for this. Come on, don’t take us for fools!

 1)Money making machine.Money making machine

This company has invented software that does the unthinkable, something no other human being, system, or computer program has been able to achieve before it can predict the chaotic fluctuations of the market with 82% accuracy. Furthermore, the individuals behind this amazing invention have decided that instead of keeping the software a secret and using it to make loads of cash for themselves, that they’re going to give you access to this money-making wonder for no upfront cost. How generous of them!

2) They’re lying.ultimate milionnaire lies

 If you’ve ever heard of Occam’s razor, then you probably know which one you should bet on here. Binary options are gambling at best, a glorified scam at worst, and anybody who claims to be able to predict where the waves of the market will end up is either dangerously over-confident or is simply making up stories to make a buck—and not from any “investments,” but from your naiveté. Do yourself a favor and steer clear from this scam and others like it.

6 comments on “Scam- The Truth About The Ultimate Millionaire’s Blueprint Review-”

  1. David Reply

    Wow what terrible scam, it’s like it’s built to make you fail. They sound like a pretty cocky group of con-men. I wouldn’t click on anything promising that kind of money that fast. There are real ways to make money out there and this isn’t one. Thanks for the review!

    • SJB Reply

      Hello David!

      Yes, I know. Isn’t it horrible? NOONE can make that type of money that fast! Get rich quick scam? Yup!

  2. Naeem Reply

    I came across this page after trying to do some research on this Ultimate Millionaire Blueprint, you just saved me from losing a lot of money! Everyone I have told about this, has told me its too good to be true! but after reading your review I am 100% confident it is a scam. Thank you for this very helpful review and also from saving me from losing my hard earned money.
    Many Thanks,


    • SJB Reply

      Wow! I am so happy to hear that I have helped you save a lot of time and money. Thanks for passing by!

  3. ClaireW Reply

    Hey Sonia
    I came across this very same video, different man, different actors – EXACT SAME SCRIPT! Watched the clock countdown when I would find out “how to make millions”, only to be taken to another fake video log of how much money was made with “just a few clicks”. If anyone out there is reading this – LISTEN TO SONIA! It’s a scam, it’s binary options, and you will most likely loose a whole lot of your hard earned dollars. Thanks so much for your post Sonia. I was totally taken in by that video, but all the while there was a little voice telling me it was not for real. When I chose to ignore the voice and signed up, the sales guy asked how I found them. When I told him about the video, he actually chuckled and said – “oh, the video”. Wow, that told me a whole lot, and I quickly cancelled my account and high-tailed it out of there!
    Keep up the good work!
    Warm regards,

    • SJB Reply

      Hello Claire, thank you so much for your comment. Much like yourself, I had almost the same reaction. Such people take advantage of entrepreneurs like us that want to succeed on line. It’s good that we are wise and don’t fall for it. However, some people do and that is not their fault. One day, they will realize how many scams there really are out there and become more vigilant. If I can help only one person realize this, I will be very happy. Nice meeting you. 🙂

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